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Tmax Venture is a knowledge leader in branding, digital media solutions and digital marketing and understands how to put it all to work, providing critical strategic and tactical support to businesses in Malaysia, and other countries.

Who We Are

TMax Venture is a digital marketing agency as well as a capital partner. Tmax Venture provides unrivaled access to a global network of Tmax expertise and resources. We partner and invest in the best ideas and through branding, digital marketing and strategic communications we help our partners of all sizes compete and win with expert strategy, powerful creative and award-winning websites, mobile apps, campaigns and digital experiences.

Companies turn to Tmax Venture because of our reputation for using modern marketing techniques to differentiate and deliver a brand promise that resonates with target markets while meeting business and revenue goals. Our ideas are at the forefront of the industry. Our senior team has delivered some of the most creative and effective campaigns for organizations looking to increase visibility and drive demand in the markets that matter most.

Passion Defines Our Agency

Our passion for client success can be seen in everything we do, from the first day we sit down to understand your challenges to every meeting we conduct, every strategy meeting we have, and every conference report we send.

Creativity Is in Our DNA

We don’t want to just deliver good ideas. We want to push our clients to think about things like they never have before. We will explore all ideas and uncover all stones to ensure the best campaign is delivered to the market.

Brands We’ve Helped To Build

We help founders build product-focused businesses

Tmax Venture invests our resources and helps complete the building and exiting process of already venture-backed companies in all kind of industries that have proven their business plans but can benefit from additional capital plus industry expertise and contacts.

Mex known as Mobile engine-oil change Express. Mex is a unique oil change service that offers maintenance with the modern convenience of us bringing our service to the customer's appointed location. This will provide a much-needed service, enabling the customer to regain some of their valuable time they would have spent waiting for service where else.
<p>“Inner beauty radiates – what's beautiful on the outside reflects from the inside.” Valerie, owner of www,valsignatures.com, has all sorts of advice when it comes to beauty. Although the aspects for beauty can be uncountable, she stays true to her number one philosophy – health is the key to beauty.</p>
Topsportspick providing sports betting tips to everyone that come to us. We search for the best of the best tipsters in the world. And as a leader sports tipping marketplace platform, it turns as both a marketplace, facilitating the transaction, and an auditor, keeping track of every tip suggested by a tipster anywhere from the world.
Ftscores.com provides you with unparalleled football statistics, as well as detailed football previews and football rankings from competitions all over the world.
An entertainment hub in One City mall in Subang Jaya. The 2 floor of consist of the luxury nightclub, dance club, sports bar, cigar and wine lounge.
Kernel Industrial Supplies, one of the nation's pioneer direct-online marketers of industrial supplies and equipments to facilities maintenance professionals from businesses and institutions of all sizes. Tmax Venture in charge of design & developing their e-commerce website.
<strong>Cappertech</strong><span> - The CapperTech White Label is a fully managed sports tipping marketplace, offering our partners a top-industry marketplace, sports content, and marketing tools. </span>
<strong>Totolinks</strong><span> - At TotoLinks, we take pride in our premium advertising network, specifically in gambling, finance, and the adult industry. Serving over 10+ billion geo-targeted ads impressions per month, we connect brands to their rightful audience, in turn raising global brand awareness, improving ROI, increasing revenue and in turn reducing customers churn rate.</span>
<strong>RescueBet</strong><span> - RescueBet is where you can get your capital losses or spending rebate for using in its partners website. </span>

Professional Team

Our highly skilled and talented team members are all about building long-term, win-win relationships. We’re a stable team that thrives on collaboration and understands the importance of following a process.

All Consumer, All the Time

Bringing clients creative thinking that breaks through and a hyper-focus on execution to transform big ideas to action and game-changing results, Tmax Venture is widely regarded as one of the hottest consumer shops in the PR industry today.

"Our global footprint enables them to see trends that are not always apparent."

Passion Defines Our Agency

Creativity Is in Our DNA

Flawless Execution Drives Our People